Secur Payments

Banca Sella was the first bank in Italy to created a secure platform on the internet! With Banca Sella you can pay by credit card at no extra cost to the customer.
PayPal on the other side is the world's most popular site for the online payment, you can pay by credit card, and customers who have a PayPal account can also pay by money transfer at no extra cost.

You can pay with the following credit cards both through PayPal or through Banca Sella:
- Visa
- Master Card
- Maestro 7
- American Express

It is also possible to pay with:
- Advanced wire transfer (in the order confirmation you will find the bank)
- Through transfer funds from your PayPal account (or credit card)
- By Cash (paid to the arrival of the courier products)

The security of online transactions

Put your credit card number over the Internet is not safe .... is very safe!
The card data is not recorded on our site, but by the site of the bank or PayPal. We can see only some incomplete data, however, it is not possible in any way the use of your card. So it is not we but the banking systems of Banca Sella or Paypal to ensure your safety keeping encryption protocols that prevent outsiders from intercepting what you type.

If you are still not convinced and do not feel comfortable using your credit card, do not worry, you can always buy from our site and pay by bank transfer or cash ... there's always a way to pay!


In order to ensure more timely deliveries and above all in order to verify that your order is really your, put in your request in the filed NOTES your telephone number so that we can warn you about the order and shipping times.

Your phone number will also be useful for the payments by bank transfer so as to have the details of bank transfer (bank and number of CRO)

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