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Box with Jams | 1 Plum and 1 Quince
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Box with Jams

Jam Wild Plums and Quince Farm

The "Wild Plum" Marmalade is performed by collecting the fruits from the trees scattered among the olive trees of the farm. The added sugar content is 40% let you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of ripe fruit.
Instead of the apple quince jam is made with an ancient recipe using this fruit that is born spontaneously in terraces planted with olive trees. Apple was once also used to perfume rooms and drawers enough to leave it in a room to fill all of apple scent environment.

The litter box is made of wood size 18x9 cm.

Litter box Dimensions cm18X9
Jar of jam Plum Wild 250gr
Jar of jam Quince 250gr


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