Organic Tilium Honey Il Cipresso | Pot of 500 gr
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Organic Tilium Honey Il Cipresso

Organic Tilium Honey Il Cipresso

On the farm it is not easy to make this Monoflora honey (coming from a single flower) because the Linden plant blooms between June and July and the season is not always favorable. In fact, the spring rains of the period often prevent the bees from coming out of their boxes and going to collect the nectar of this flower of which they are very greedy. Thanks to the fact that bees adore it, when the season allows it, all the bees dedicate themselves to collecting only this nectar-rich flower, leaving out all the others.
And it is only in this way that we can have Linden Honey!
This very fragrant honey can appear more or less amber depending on the percentage of Acacia sometimes present. It is one of the few honeys that crystallizes with difficulty during the winter thanks to the type of sugars it contains.
Its taste is very sweet and leaves a pleasant vanilla taste in the mouth !!

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