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Here you will find the products results of tradition in cultivating, caring, harving, and trasform our grapes. Our products include Chianti Red Wine, Virgin White Wine and Vinsanto aged in oak barrels up to 10 years.
We have also carefully selected small producers who make unique products, where the hand of man is confined to follow the ripening of the grapes during the season and transform it with  unchanged for centuries methods, without the addition of those items which have accustomed us to wines always the same, without the variability of the seasons.
So pleasant wine to drink and to rediscover, because are not the result of calculations but of the passion for good things!

Highlight products

Vin Santo reserve 2009 Il Cipresso
Traditional Vin Santo aged in oak barrels up to 5 years
White wine Vergine Valdichiana Il Cipresso
White wine Virgin Valdichiana DOC Il cipresso
Aristodemo 2015
Aristodemo 2015 Fattoria Il Cipresso
Vigneto Viola 2015
Harvest 2015 Fattoria Il Cipresso

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